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Preferred Customer Club Benefits & Details



Club benefits begin September, 2011 and include:

2 complimentary labor hours per month*
(can be used for painting, touch ups, maintenance, consultations, or whatever!)

 » $200 credit toward labor that requires more than 2 hours**

» 10% Discount on all large contract jobs
 » Other coupons and/or certificates periodically
In addition to regular plan benefits, club members will periodically receive coupons for special painting offers, certificates for other discounted goods and services, and more!

 » Referral Program Discounts
For each referral by a member that results in a new club member, the referring member will get a $25 discount off their next month club fee! ****


Club Details:

1. Membership is non-transferrable & non-refundable, though member may, at their option, gift their hours in any given month.
2. Membership may be cancelled anytime after 3 months with 2 weeks notice (to allow cancellation of auto-billing/debit of club fees) Once cancelled, membership will cease at the end of the paid month.
3. Hours not  used in a month may be carried over to the next month to a maximum accrual of 4 complimentary labor hours in a month
5. Membership fees will be paid by automatic billing and debit from bank account or credit card through Pay Pal.
5. Fees are collected at the beginning of the month for the current month. 
6. Membership benefits are available only for months that fees have been paid. An unpaid fee will result in suspension of membership. Multiple unpaid fees will result in cancellation of membership and loss of any accrued benefits. 
*7. Paint & materials are not included and must be paid for by member. Jobs outside a 15 mile radius of Berkeley, CA may incur a travel surcharge. 
**8. $200 credit toward labor applies when 2 hour monthly allotment has not been used.
***9. Large contract jobs are defined as those that will require 32 labor hours or more to complete. Pricing on large contract jobs includes labor, paint and materials. 
****10. One time discount per referral that results in a new member with no limit on number of referrals a member can make. 4 referrals in a month will result in no fee being charged to the referring member for the next month. Any referrals over 4 in any month will result in the discount for each referral over 4 being carried over and deducted from the following months fee. Referrals will not result in any refund of club fees.
11. Club membership is limited to 100 preferred customers. Once that number of members has been reached, club membership will be closed to new memberships until such time as a membership slot becomes available.
12. Though membership fees may increase for new members in the future, fees for current members will remain at the level of their joining and will not increase, provided there is no interruption in club membership. 
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